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Dr Vincent Laurent

Research Fellow

Research Areas: As a behavioural neuroscientist, my main interest is in understanding the psychological processes and the neural mechanisms underlying learning and memory. I currently conduct several research projects. One involves the study of how choice between distinct courses of actions is influenced by environmental stimuli. Another focuses on understanding the interactions between appetitive and aversive motivational systems.

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Associate Professor Mike Le Pelley

Associate Professor

Research Areas: Topics in cognitive psychology. In particular, I'm interested in interactions between associative learning and attention in healthy humans, and how these processes may be implicated in addiction and psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia.

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Professor Peter Lovibond

Professor & Acting Dean (Faculty of Science)

Research Areas: Topics in learning and experimental psychopathology, eg reasoning in associative learning, cognitive processes in anxiety, relationships between anxiety, depression and stress.

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Dr Damien J. Mannion


Research areas: Visual perception; neuroimaging; visual cortex; psychophysics

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Dr Kristy Martire

Senior Lecturer

Research Areas: Expert evidence in the criminal justice system; validation of forensic science techniques; effects of evidence expression format on decision-making and belief updating; understanding lay interpretations of legal concepts.

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Professor Skye McDonald


Research Areas: The nature of neuropsychological disorders following adult brain injury including acquired impairments of emotion, behaviour, language, memory and learning and executive functions. Issues related to clinical assessment and rehabilitation. Evidence based practice. Theoretical accounts of social cognition, emotion and communication processes in normal and brain-injured adults.

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Professor Gavan P. McNally


Research Lab:

Our research is concerned with the fundamental psychological and brain mechanisms for associative learning and motivation and how these apply to clinical conditions such as addictions, anxiety disorders, and mood disorders.

We are interested in identiyfing these mechanisms, at the cellular, circuit, and systems level and also in translating this fundamental information into new treatments of psychological conditions.

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Dr Sue Morris

Sessional Course Convenor and Lecturer

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Dr Steven Most

Senior Lecturer and ARC Future Fellow

Research Areas: Cognition, perception, and emotion, with strong links to social psychology, clinical psychology, and neuroscience. My research probes 1) relationships between motivation, emotion, and attentional control, as well as 2) how each of these factors influences basic cognitive processes such as perception and memory and 3) the consequences of such interactions for psychological and physical health.

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Professor Michelle Moulds


Research Areas: The goal of my research is advance our understanding of how repetitive thinking, such as rumination, maintains depression.

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