Ranked 16th in the world, the UNSW School of Psychology is at the forefront of research in the fields of clinical, forensic and social psychology, cognition and perception. We earn more competitive research funding and publish more top-ranked journal articles per academic than any other School of Psychology in Australia and many of our staff have also won teaching awards.


The School produces over 300 graduates each year*, who subsequently work in a wide range of areas such as advertising, community development and relations, copyrighting, counselling, developmental care, public, community and occupational health, management consultancy, human resources, recruitment, training and development, industrial relations, market research, journalism, marketing, business and retail management, welfare and youth work, statistical and data analysis, and many other areas.

Graduates benefit from being part of the UNSW Alumni network. View our section on Alumni to find out more.


The School maintains close links with practicing psychologists. In our Master of Psychology programs, students are required to complete 1,000 hours of placements, in which they work closely with field supervisors. For further information or to apply to become a Field Supervisor, view our section on Field Supervisors.

The School, and many of its external agencies, also aim to provide practitioners with tools and resources that assist in accessing and understanding the research that forms the evidence-base for treatment. Some of these resources are provided in the section Resources for Clinicians. Practitioners are also invited to view the Psychology Links and Research Tools listed at the bottom of this website.

The UNSW School of Psychology is committed to building a community with strong links between students, academics, alumni, collaborators and practitioners.

* Includes all students who graduated with a Psychology major in 2015.